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Fraud Prevention Notice

Please be advised of the following that may affect your order:
1. Your IP Address is This IP address is recorded and can be used to trace the source of any fraudulent orders.
2. We do not fill orders that originate through FREE or Web-Based Email addresses such as Hotmail.com, Yahoo.com, Gmail.com and the like. Please use your domain based email address (yourcompany.com)
3. The Payee for a Vcheck account (who the checks will be made payable to) must be a company name. We do not set up accounts for individual or personal use.
4. Any request for a new account may be subject to additional phone or business license verification.

What Would You Like to Order?
Basic Vcheck System ($139.95 per year plus One Time $30 Setup Fee). No per check/transaction fees. Max. 200 checks a month. Includes phone, fax and online check options, including optional signature capture form.

All the upgrades listed below are OPTIONAL. The Pro System includes them all.
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  Upgrade for Recurring Payments / Repeat Customers ($49.95 per year).
  Upgrade for Multiple Payees ($49.95 per year). *Business verification required.
  Upgrade for Additional Users ($49.95 per year). *Unique logins/permissions for multiple Admins.
  Upgrade for Check Batching ($49.95 per year). *Batch multiple checks into one PDF file.
  Upgrade for Custom Emails ($49.95 per year). *Customize content of notice/receipt email.
  Upgrade for Advanced Reports ($49.95 per year). *Reports available in .CSV format.
  Upgrade for Batch Check Upload ($49.95 per year). *Upload 1 - 10000 checks in .CSV format.

Basic High Volume System ($279.95 per year plus One Time $30 Setup Fee). Up to 600 checks per month and includes your choice of ONE of the upgrade options above.

Pro Level System ($399.95 per year plus One Time $30 Setup Fee). Includes ALL upgrades above and 4000 checks a month.
Pro Level System ($225.00 2x a year plus One Time $30 Setup Fee). Includes ALL upgrades above and 4000 checks a month.
Pro Level System ($120.00 4x a year plus One Time $30 Setup Fee). Includes ALL upgrades above and 4000 checks a month.

Enterprise HV - Unlimited checks and all upgrades ($1799.40 per year - NO setup fee).

Grand Total
To Whom Will the Checks You Receive be Made Payable?
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Email Address for new check Notifications
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Desired User Name: Used to login to your control panel
Desired Password:
We enforce the two rules below:

Password Length: Passwords must be at least 8 characters in length. The more characters in a password - the longer it will withstand a hacking attack. 10 characters or longer is better.

Password Complexity: Must contain at least one character from each of the following groups. At least 4 characters in your passwords should be each one of the following:

1. Lower case alphabet
2. Upper case alphabet
3. Numbers
4. Special Characters

Point of Contact
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*The Multiple Payees option requires a copy of business licenses and phone verification.
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